Help us build the Summit Free Market a permanent home!

Right now, the Summit Free Market events can only be held four times a year in the City of Summit Transfer Station garage. But, in efforts with the Summit Conservancy (a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting environmental projects and sustainability in Summit), we are raising money to build a permanent structure so that the Summit Free Market can be held much more often, year-round. We are going to use some of the funds raised to add solar panels to the permanent structure to make the Summit Free Market even more sustainable. We are working to raise $375,000 in total, and we’re more than halfway there! 

Donations are appreciated in any amount, large or small, and you can donate to the cause here.

Check out the pictures to see the building’s progress. Let's work together to give Summit a sustainable future!


40 New Providence Avenue, Summit, NJ 07901

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